Roberta Pipito

Roberta PipitoRoberta Pipito is a home cook; food, beer and wine connoisseur; blogger; and on air personality. Her lifelong passion for cooking led her to creating her blog in late 2011. The Philadelphia wife and mother of two takes pride in being the daughter of a professional baker, and having the support of her family. Coming from a long line of family cooks in Brazil, Roberta enjoys the science behind food; from concept to taste. Being able to speak Portuguese and English has allowed her to step over an ethnic line for a wider audience; and range of creativity. Through the Homemade Delish brand, Roberta promises to confidently help people create affordable, entertaining, and inspirationally styled food for your home, place of work or social gatherings.

She has gained an ever growing fan base, and has been delighted to meet and gain the respect of many famous chefs and professionals. Her ability to work well with major companies and sponsors has enabled her to go above and beyond her calling.

“Keep cooking. With creativity and imagination, you can style anything to your taste.” -Roberta Pipito