Chef Mona Wilson

MonaMona ~ The CupCake Sommelier, was born with a sweet tooth as big as her heart, her intense love affair with chocolate began before she could walk, this and being surrounded by women who loved to cook and bake for the family it’s no wonder that she found her passion in food. She has always known she needed a platform to make humanity feel special this is her beginning.

The CupCake Sommelier gives a fresh look at cupcakes and desserts infused with the savory flavors of the world. The CupCake Sommelier is influenced and inspired by her travels to create custom cupcakes by exploring flavor profiles from a myriad of fascinating cultures. Her savory cupcakes have proven to be a delicious treat, “taking first place” in the 2009 Taste of Success contest. Judge Iron Chef Jose Garces remarked that its mixture of Tapas flavors made it the best dish in the competition. By opening It’s a CupCake!, her goal is to guide your palate through a culinary adventure, pairing sweet and savory gourmet cupcakes with unique dishes, exotic spices, rich wines and cocktails. She is on a mission to creatively expand minds and palates into The CupCake Sommelier Lifestyle!

The Cupcake Sommelier is a lifestyle brand committed to innovating tastes, chic style and entertainment; she can showcase the delicious diversity of cupcakes at its best.

Mona ~ The CupCake Sommelier