Chef Tony Clark

tony clarkTony Clark started at Lairs Dutch Kitchen, a Jersey shore restaurant in the mid 70’s, he then went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. After Graduation Clark went to Philadelphia where the Four Seasons hired him. Chef Clark continued to work at the Four Seasons for a decade, under Jean Marie LaCroix. Chef lured out of obscurity from the Four Seasons Hotel in 1996 to open his own restaurant, the restaurant would be called Tony Clark’s in Philadelphia. A year after opening his restaurant, Clark was named 1997 Food and Wine magazine Best New Chef in America. Tony Clark’s was open for two years and was reined as one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. After leaving his eponymous Philadelphia restaurant, Clark became the private home Chef of socialites and benefactors Norman and Suzanne Cohn.

Spending summers at the Jersey shore with his family, Clark dreamed of someday owning his own restaurant in the Cape May area. That all came true when Clark heard the previous owners of The Old Grange had not renewed their lease. Looking over the building Clark was not sure it would be what he had wanted but he took the chance anyway. The Old Grange opened in April of 2011. Most diners at The Old Grange are familiar with his years at the Four Seasons with LaCroix, his namesake restaurant in Philadelphia and his ten years as a private Chef, not to mention his various television appearances including the Chef’s Kitchen. The very likable and down-to-earth Chef does not want to be a famous Chef but instead would like his restaurant to be famous. Clark credits expanding his culinary exposure to include the cuisines of Spain and Thailand and the French cuisine styles of Le Bernardin and Jean Georges. Chef Tony Clark has earned culinary top awards and accolades, owned a Philly’s ‘best’ restaurant, made many culinary travels around the world, and cooked for the famous

Chef Clark is currently the executive chef at Mays Landing Country Club.