Chef Nedra Harris

nedra harrisA firecracker with skills, revered Chef Nedra Harris has taken the culinary arts world to new heights. A lifetime food lover and connoisseur of spices, Chef Harris established her passion for food at a very early age. An easy bake oven and a dream, chef’s inspiration comes from a familiar foundation: her mother’s kitchen. A deliverer of sweet satisfaction, chef’s food is a pure representation of her: flavorful, unique and wanting more.

Born on February 19, 1988 to Wade and Kathy Harris in Detroit, Michigan, Harris found herself in a world of opportunities to expand her culinary talents beyond that of an easy bake oven. During her high school years, chef attended the esteemed Romulous High School in which she was able to begin the education portion of her passion. Excelling beyond expectations, chef took home award after award proving her abilities to create while sharing her gift for food.

Upon completion of her academic program, chef entered in to the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School of Chicago where she studied under master chefs preparing food for hundreds of guest at a time. While studying at Le Cordon Bleu, chef had the opportunity to meet the famous Chef Wolfgang Puck through her volunteering and commitment to philanthropic efforts.

After completing her internship with Disney World in Orlando in 2008, chef took her future in to her own hands. In 2013, Chef Harris became a competitor in season 11 of Hell’s Kitchen. A line chef learning under the famous Chef Gordon Ramsey, Chef Harris began learning and expanding on different techniques and cooking styles. Mostly known for her outgoing and often fierce personality, chef became an overnight sensation. Coining “boom boom” as her catch phrase.

Passionate about sharing her love for food, went from being a teacher to being part owner in her own venture. Upon completion of Season 11, Chef Harris became corporate executive chef of Werner’s Prime Steak and Seafood transitioning in to expert levels. Since the opening, chef has been focused on expanding her brand through a line of spices, a cook book and being a personal chef to celebrities and influential leaders across the nation.