Chef Kira Novak

Kira-Novak-of-Masterchef-5Kira Novak is an inspired, up and coming personal chef living in Chicago, Il. Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, she obtained her knowledge and passion for cooking from her large Italian family. At a very young age her draw toward cooking became apparent when she would help her grandmother craft and prepare large meals for the family. Chef Kira was fortunate to see these culinary masterpieces made from scratch and memory, as her family rarely would use recipes and cooked based on taste and memory. Her grandmother would tell her, “A great cook never cooks the same way twice.” That lesson has carried with her as she creates each unique dish. As an adult she started off her cooking career by catering and hosting parties for friends and clients. Due to the overwhelming demand for her one of a kind dishes, she decided to take her cooking to the next level.

She was recently featured on Masterchef as one the top 20 home cooks in America. Chef Kira specializes in anything from homemade pastas to fresh and healthy American dishes with a twist. She is also greatly inspired from her travels around the world and incorporates the best of each style of cooking into her dishes. Chef Kira plans to take her dishes to the next level by opening up her own catering and entertaining company where she will specialize in setting up and hosting dinner parties all around the country.