Chef Dan Ryan

Dan RyanChef Dan Ryan, a rookie in the culinary world, but with more experience than it seems. This New York native was fresh out of the U.S. Army when he started doing dishes to make ends meet. With no formal training, he’s had positions as Sous Chef at Dans Le Noir? in NYC, and Sous chef at the Hotel Beacon on New York’s Upper west side. A former contestant on Fox televisions “Hell’s Kitchen”, season 11, he garnered the reputation as a chef with creativity, ability to work under pressure, and a cocky attitude that stood out in this cast of culinary misfits. He has done cooking demo’s at the 2013 Finger Lakes Wine Festival, 2013 Atlantic City Food and Wine Fest, 2013 T.A.S.T.E. of Philly, and appearances at other retail outlets.

His cooking style of off the cuff and odd dishes should be very interesting this season at the Philadelphia Taste.