Chef Barry Sexton

sextonChef Barry E. Sexton is an accomplished chef, food stylist, food consultant and a motivational speaker with his creative talents and training, Also a culinary dynamo who is making waves.

Philadelphia native, Chef Barry E. Sexton has successfully acquired over 30 years experience in the culinary arts. The Philadelphia Art Institute graduate always believed that great food is a combination of bold tastes, textures and color. Like fine art, crucial ingredients waiting to be blended on a canvas. Chef Sexton was classically trained for more than a decade under the tutelage of Master Chef Jean Pierre Tardy, who was the Executive Chef of Le Bec-Fin for seven years. Chef Barry worked closely with him keeping the creative process alive by using his imagination with the best and freshest ingredients available to create signature dishes at Jean Pierre’s French Restaurant in Newtown, Pa. He contributes his success to having great mentors and a vast amount of passion for food, wine and art. Throughout his career, he has practiced his culinary artistry at some notable Philadelphia restaurants and hotels also located in Bucks County.
For several years, this award-winning chef has participated in many food shows, where he collaborated with other Food Network chefs. In addition, he was featured on the popular Food Network Show, Dinner Impossible starring Robert Irvine.

For 18 years, Chef Barry Sexton has been the driving force and visionary of Opinionated Palate Catering where he continues to receive rave reviews..
Chef Sexton has taken on a new culinary challenge. A personal journey that explores the body, mind, and the desire for healthier living and food choices. His new approach is to explore ways to boost flavors and cut calories. As a result, Chef Sexton has lost a significant amount of weight, stating, ”Being in the food industry it’s easy for chefs to lose sight of how much excess empty calories we consume. As I got older and wiser, I knew it was time to make a drastic change.” He further explains, “I used it as an opportunity to experiment with reduced caloric consumption without compromising taste. Now, I am never hungry. I don’t eat less, I just use better cooking techniques and strategies, consequently improving my health perspective.” Chef Sexton is anxious to share his new culinary way of life with others.

Currently, Chef Barry Sexton is anxiously looking forward to engaging in more challenging culinary endeavors such as, TV host, cooking classes, chef demonstrations, product endorsements, food shows and national culinary judging.