Chef Ashley Sherman

ashley-sherman-91c65c4962e93c8cAshley Sherman lead cook Hell’s Kitchen season 13

“I have had an obsession with food that started when I was just a little girl, baking with my grandmother in South Orange NJ. Starting “professionally” as a teen, I’ve worked in pizza shops, to upscale restaurants, to stadiums (no its not all hot dogs and pretzels!) to concert venues and a few unique places, all over Philadelphia.  I have a pretty laid back style of cooking, with a tendency to lean more towards comfort foods and combinations of flavors you wouldn’t normally see. I have a lot of Asian and Spanish influence in a lot of my dishes which I find unbelievably exciting! Generally I spend a lot of time working, but I like I travel, I like to “food travel”, and see what kind of new and different food I can find. The trick is never stay stagnant and always learn more. This industry is constantly evolving and so should you! That is what makes the life of a chef the best worst decision you will never regret.”