Alan Parker

allan parkerI was not born but raised in Amish Paradise Pennsylvania since the age of 3. I am an adopted child from Seoul South Korea and spent most of my younger years peering around the corner or my Grandmothers and Mothers kitchen. I should have figured after my first job at age 13 at the local Farmers Market that my fate had been sealed.

Most of my jobs growing up were around or in a kitchen of some sort, and I was always doing some kind of job that had me either working with food or about food . Plus ever since my first job where I was able to eat a free meal a day I thought to myself BONUS , and I could get use to this . No bagged lunches!

I was always such a wild child when I was younger and was good at many things so it was hard for me to figure out what career path I was going to take. I always was drawn to the Arts and Sciences in school that my parents always thought I was going to be an artist.

It was only in and around my 25th Birthday that I realized that my passion and career path was already chosen for me , but I just didn’t realize the path …. It was the path on me growing from just a decent kitchen line guy , to a Chef.

I am now 44 and I am happy to realize that I am becoming a respected and known Chef. Although I have never been accredited with a Culinary Degree I am not ashamed nor am I afraid to battle anyone who challenges me to any kind of cooking competition.

I am now currently the Head Chef of the Firepit located in Lancaster Pa. (Amish Paradise) which I feel is so fitting for me … Out of the Frying Pan of Hells Kitchen … And into the Firepit of Lancaster.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me as you watch this little adopted Korean boy from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania , try to take this Culinary World Bull by its Horns!!!